Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1st Time Brushed Embroidery

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing my cookies that I made this weekend. I have been wanting to try the brushed embroidery technique for a while now but have been being a chicken. So I finally broke down and gave it a try! Here's how it went.
I started out just making the square cookies.Once I felt comfortable with those I moved on to a round cookie. I found that with doing the round cookie your design doesn't have to be perfect. (Really neither do but more so with the round.) Once I finished this plate I was addicted!

I really like the colors that I chose. The only bad thing was doing the flowers in the black icing. You really can't see brush strokes so it looks like you just wiped it on there. (That's why they aren't pictured. I didn't want to show the ugly ones :)) I do have to say that for some reason I had problems with the leaves. Something so easy was really giving me some problems. Oh well, that's why you practice, right?!

I really would like to try these in a different color scheme next time. Maybe some pastels! Maybe in my favorite color, pink. All I think about when I see these colors is Twilight. Maybe that's why I added the zebra material for the pictures. Hoping to get rid of the Twilight thoughts.

If any of out there have tried this technique, do you have any tips that you would like to share? What kind of brush do you use? Do you use a thick or thinned icing? I would love to hear all about your experiences with brushed embroidery cookies.

Thanks for stopping by today and hope everyone has a great day! More cookies to come. Until next time!


KINGRPG said...

It is the world's most beautiful cookies!

Haniela said...

omg, these are gorgeous, Love the colors, so striking. Really beautiful cookies

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