Monday, June 13, 2011

Cookies for Zoey's team.

Good morning and happy Monday! Today is going to be a HOT Monday here. We are supposed to reach 105 degrees BUT good news! Tomorrow we are supposed to have a cold front come through and it's supposed to cool off to 100!! Yay! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Today, I would like to share some cookies that I made for my daughter's softball team. The design came off of her jersey and then I added each girls number to the cookie as well.
I don't have a Kopy Kake but my sweet hubby built me his version of the Kopy Kake and it works for now. Eventually, I would love to have the Kopy Kake.  I also made some gloves, bats and softballs but for some reason I don't have a picture of them. Needless to say, the cookies didn't last long once the team saw them!

Sorry I don't have much today but I'm running short on time. I hope everyone has a great Monday! Happy Baking!

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