Friday, January 28, 2011


Good morning everyone! Are you as happy as I am that today is Friday?? Wooo hoooo!!! Wait! That means it is house cleaning day! Darn it BUT if I hurry I can start playing with cookies! Now that's what I'm talkin about! :)
Today I have some boxer shorts that I did for Valentine's Day. It will be here before we know it so I figured I had better get in gear and get ready. I really love how these turned out! I can't take credit for these though. I first saw them over at Fresh Cut Flours. Terry is very creative and I just love the cookies she comes up with! She's also a very sweet person and I really enjoy talking with her through email.

Here is a close up pic of them. They are so yummy!!
Well, I'm outta here for now but I'll be back with more cookies soon. I hope yall have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Good morning everyone! Today's cookies are soooo...stinkin cute! I love Margarita's so when I saw these cookies, I just had to make some! They were so much fun to make too! My girl's were really amazed with the salt (sugar) around the rim of the glasses lol. The limes were just as much fun to make and are just adorable!
I think that next time I'm going to add some lime flavoring to the icing! Yummm! I'm also loving the decorating bottles that I purchased from Karen's Cookies! Have you used them? They are wonderful and easy to use! You don't have to fill them as often as those messy bags. Ugh those bags are so frustrating to me! Love love the bottles and I will definitely be purchasing more! I also bought me some new food coloring. In the past I have always used Wilton food coloring but I find that if you don't use it, it turns gummy. Also, it's hard to achieve the same color if you have to mix more icing. I have heard lots of good things about AmeriColor and I'm soooo excited that my Hobby Lobby has started carrying it! Yay! I will be trying it for the first time today!

Here's one more pic of the cookies.

Well, that's it for me today! It's time to start getting busy and work on some cookies! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! See you back here a little later. Toodles!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cookie Time!

Good morning everyone! Today I have something fun to share with you! If you have been cruising around on my blog you would know that I also love to do baking from time to time. I have always done decorated cookies since I owned a cookie bouquet shop and donut shop with my parent's when I was younger. Well, I have been messing around with cookies again and let me say, I am having so much fun!!

I first found this blog through a stamping friend, Karolyn. She had posted on her blog about a friend that was doing cookies so I headed on over there and OH MY! They were so cool! No, they were amazing! You may have already visited her blog at Fresh Cut Flours. (Be sure and check her out!) After emailing her and chatting for a while, we have now become friends and thanks Terri for answering all of my questions!

She also posted how she made this awesome cookie stand and I knew that I HAD to have one! Next thing I know, Sadie and I are headed to the Goodwill store to look for plates, cups and bowls. Can you believe that Sadie wasn't as excited about this adventure as I was?? What's with that?? Kids these days lol. Here is what I came up with!

After taking her advice, I did some shopping at Karen's Cookies. Wow! I got this amazing rolling pin, decorating bottles (lots of them) and all kinds of cookie cutters! She even has her recipes on her site! How cool is that??? If you like to bake, I highly recommend her site and her prices are good too. Oh and her shipping is a lightning speed lol.

Karen also has a new blog so I definitely wanted to check it out which is how I ended up at this next blog. Sweet Sugarbelle is Amazing!! I am really blown away with her talent and I was so happy to find out she only lives 2 hours from me! How funny! ( I thought it was funny!) She has pictures of her cookies on Flickr and let me tell you, this girl's got some talent! I wanna be like her when I grow up!!

Soooo...yesterday I ventured off and tried some new age cookie decorating! I got my cookies baked and then made my icing, which makes me so nervous! ( I know that sounds stupid.) This however, is very important! If you don't have the right consistency, it won't work. Oh the pressure but I got it almost right! Here's some of what I came up with.
These were my first ones so they aren't real great but not bad for a start! Did you notice my single cookie stand? I made it with left over plates and bowls. Here are some more cookies that I made for the girls.

It was VERY hard to keep the girls and Derek out of them until they dried! Once they did dry, they didn't last long lol! Well, sorry for the long post but I was very excited to tell you what I have been doing! I'm making more today and I can't wait to get started!! Thanks to Terri and Sugarbelle for their cookie advice and thanks to my hubby, Derek, for his help making the cookie stands! I hope everyone has a "sweet" day! (I know I know! That was corny lol!)