Sunday, February 20, 2011

Candy Cookies

Hello everyone! I have been baking for the past 2 days! Making cookies, cake pops and mini cupcakes. My favorite of all this were the cookies! One of my friends called me and asked me to make some cookies for her daughter's birthday party which was going to have a candy theme. Naturally I said yes!! I have been wanting to do some candy cookies after seeing some that Glorious Treats had done. They just looked like so much fun! The only problem was she called me on Thursday and needed them for Saturday and I didn't have a candy cutter. What to do??? I went immediately to Karen's Cookies and found she had the cutter but could I get it here before Saturday?? Then my husband comes in and asks me what I'm in a panic about lol. I explained to him what was going on and he said that he could probably help me out! What? He said that he would just make me the cutters I wanted. Seriously? (My hubby is pretty crafty! One of the reasons I married him lol.) So he went and bought the tin and started making them! A couple of hours later I had 5 new candy cookie cutters! He made 3 large ones (circle, square and rectangel) and then 2 mini cutters ( circle and rectangle).
So you wanna see how they turned out??

Then lastly I wanted to try something else that I had seen. The Decorated Cookie has a tutorial if you would like to see. There's one problem with these though. When the icing and cotton candy mix it breaks the cotton candy down and it melts. I have learned that there are different brands of cotton candy that work differently and break down faster than others. Another thing is they must be made and eaten in the same day. These for instance had broken down and melted within about an hour. :(  Cute idea from The Decorated Cookie but I just wish I could figure out a way to make it work for longer.

All in all I think the cookies turned out pretty good! Now I have to think about what I'm going to make next! You guys have a wonderful Sunday and I'll see you back here next time! Happy baking!!

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Sweetly Favored said...

So nice of your hubby to help. Lucky girl. =) Super cute cookies.

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