Friday, February 11, 2011


Good morning everyone! Today I have some more Valentine cookies to share with you. My cousin has two little boys and she asked me to do some cookies for their school parties. Next I tried to think what I was going to do! They are boys so I'm sure they would not like anything girly like pretty little pink hearts lol. Since I have 3 girls coming up with boy stuff is always hard for me sooo... here's what I came up with!
Little green monsters lol! I think they are pretty cute and they boys went wild over them! Yay!!! Not too bad for a girly momma lol. The funny thing is that after I got them made, Hannah (my 2 yr old) was eyeing them with a big smile. I guess dinosaurs aren't just for boys lol.

I must say that I got this ideas from Sugarbelle. She did a different dinosaur and I already had this cutter so voila! They are yummy yummy! Let me just say that I have had lots of fun with cookies this Valentine's but I am really excited to get started on other ones as well. Check back tomorrow to see what I made next! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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